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The Murray State University Police Department is proud to serve as the guardians of the Racer Nation. Our website was designed to provide you with the information and tools to enhance your safety and assist us in our mission to keep you safe. 我们的14 sworn officers and 25 support employees are dedicated to serving you in the most professional 方式.

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Message from the Chief

The cornerstone of successful police-community relationships is the proactive maintenance of best practices in law enforcement standards. The University Police Department has maintained accreditation with the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police (KACP) 自2007年以来. In addition, these 认证s enhance and reinforce the University Police Department’s commitment to professionalism while maintaining the highest standards among law enforcement agencies nationwide.

Another high priority of 校园 Safety is student engagement. As part of our mission, we continue to be committed to providing opportunities to students to interact with our law enforcement officers through special programs including internships, and student 就业.

It is an honor to work with the highly professional and dedicated 校园 Safety team of sworn, civilian, and student staff. These dedicated individuals are committed to consistently delivering reliable safety services to our campus community. 安全 of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the MSU 校园 remains our top priority.


To support the educational mission of the University by making our community safe for its members to live, learn and serve.


To be the best university police agency of our size in the nation by building trust, creating partnerships and providing effective, caring and courteous service.


  • 完整性- We will live our personal and professional lives in a way that honors our role in the community by being honest in all we do.

  • 尊重- We honor our duty and those we serve by respecting the rights of 其他人 and by treating each individual fairly.

  • 问责制- We expect to be held accountable for the decisions we make and actions we take by our community and each other.

  • 同情- We offer kindness and understanding in our service, attitude and actions toward 其他人.

  • 卓越- We commit to performing at our best, always seeking to be better.

  • 的关系- We can serve best when we have connections with the people we serve.


All Murray State University Police officers are certified through the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. Murray State officers spend 6 months in the Kentucky Law Enforcement Basic Training Academy in Richmond, Kentucky before receiving their 认证. All officers have law enforcement authority throughout Calloway County with their primary focus being the campus community.

The Murray State Police Department is accredited through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police and has been accredited 自2007年以来.

Police Communications Officers

The Murray State Police Communications section can properly be called the "hub" of the Police Department. The Communications section is operated 24-hours a day and is where the vast majority of first encounters from the University and general public 产生.

Police Communications Officers are state certified police dispatchers through the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training. The Murray State Police Communications section is accredited through the Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police, the first university police agency in Kentucky to receive accreditation.


联系 the Police Department at 270.809.2222.

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